The #1 ball & charger for twilight and night play!


Lite-Golf is the #1 ball & charger for twilight and night play! The Lite-Golf balls perform predictably just like their non-glowing counter parts. They are very playable, feel and sound great. Their flight is the same distance as the PRO V1’s, sometimes further.

  • chargerThis golf ball emits good light for at least 15 minutes. Plenty of time to play a full hole. Afterglow lasts for hours, finding the your ball in the dark will be easy.
  • There are no negative properties that other light emitting golf balls may have. The luminescent pigment in the outer surlyn layer is of a superior quality.
  • Charging your ball is easy and fast – in just 45 seconds in the patented special charger.
  • If you require more light while playing, 10-15 seconds in the charger will bring the ball up to 100%.
  • The quality of this 3-piece golf ball is so good, that you will want to play with this ball by day and night.
  • Produced in a factory that makes top of range golf balls. The Lite-Golf ball is a state of the art product!
  • Pro’s love them!
  • The innovative charger is just as important as our high quality golf balls.
  • Charging is easy and fast. Insert a ball in the charger, close the lid and wait for the beep after 45 seconds. Your ball is ready to play. Simple as that!
  • The charger will remain lit for another 3 minutes after the beep to ensure the ball is 100% lit up if you cannot tee-off immediately.
  • The 15 high powered LED’s use 3 AA batteries, based in the battery compartment under the cone.
  • The charger will fit easily in or on your golf bag. The cone allows the charger to fit in most buggy cup holders.


┬áLet’s charge for the ultimate night golf experience.

Nassau Golf wins the Golf Europe Product Award 2014 for Lite Golf

On the 28th of September 2014, we received the Golf Europe Award from Tony Bennett (director PGA Golf Europe). Lite Golf is the most innovative golf product in the category Accessories.